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    Z521 with 250 SHO at high elevation.

    On the Z521 what prop to pad height on this boat? I have a 23PT1 ventless on the boat right now (high elevation 4600 ft) and I moved the jack plate through all the ranges and the holeshot was terrible unless the JP was at max height. When I got on plane and started to trim I had no bow lift and the rooster tail was about 20Ft. tall. I expected 64 to 65MPH up here but only got 59. I got 61 MPH when I dropped the motor to 4 1/2 below pad but then I was only turning 57K on the tach. At 3 1/2 I turned 59K but 59MPH and the roost was huge. I do not think the 23P ventless is grabbing and providing lift. I am working with the dealer to try to get me a 23P FXP to see if it will lift. If it does and the holeshot still sucks I will have to have some vent holes put in the prop. So I am curious about what you guys think and what the pad height should be on this boat(estimate). Is it hard to get lift on this hull?

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    Re: Z521 with 250 SHO at high elevation. (FSR1)

    I have the same boat decided to get a hydraulic jack plate when I bought it,to solve any problems in tweaking the manual jack plate .boat is still new have only had it out 7 times and opened it up twice 71 both tanks full two men full tournament load.I believe once I feel comfortable it will do 73
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    Did you ever find the correct prop, pitch and p2p for your SHO at high elevation? I have a similar problem here in Utah and am looking for suggestions.

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