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    Will the height of your motor effect how your boat handles and top speed? I have a 99 Bumble Bee 290 Pro Vee and a Mercury 200 efi and it does not have hydraulic steering, the steering wheel about rips out of my hands at WOT. I also can only hit around 63 mph (6000 rpms) with one person and the worst hole shot I have ever seen in a bass boat. I am running a 25 pitch 3 blade. I feel that getting my jack plate just right will make it handle better by getting more of the boat out of the water and increase my hole shot. (BTW others with the same set up are getting 70-75mph ). Any ideas of lowering or raising jack plate?

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    Measuring your ptp the way the op suggested is not correct. You have to match the angle of the concrete. Most garages are slanted to drain the water off. If the boat and motor are level but you are measuring to an unlevel surface you will not get a correct ptp.
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    You have to make sure everything is level or on the same plane. If the floor is out level a 2x4 and measure to that.

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    What is good measurement for the prop to pad on a cougar FTD with poles, and a 250 SHO?

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    I don't know if this site allows for linking to other sites. If not, mods please delete.

    I found this article to be pretty helpful.

    However, he states 3.5" below pad. However, others have noted and his illustration matches that the pad of the boat whould be at the same level as the center of the water pump inlets.

    I am not sure which is best but, it makes sense to me to be that way.

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