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I'm on my second Phoenix 721 threw Bob and will just add something some might be very interested in. This last Phoenix is a 2011 721/250 SHO and wife said order it the way you want it as it is the last one you get, which I kind of figured she was right with me being 63. Got full coverage plus on it and got replacement value on my new baby. Well after only having 10 hrs on my new rig I ended up with medical problems that I thought was going to keep me out of it. Thought of selling and wife said NO, its paid for wait. Last yr I got to fish some, and this yr have already put another 20 hrs on it, so am glad I did not sale. ( Sorry no hard water in Ky, only brown fish on Dale Hollow.)

Ok now for the good part on the replacement value, just got this yrs insurance bill and wanted to see if the replacement value was still included. Much to my surprise it is still listed under Physical Damage-Bass/Walleye @ $53,000. That covers boat, motor, trailer on a 6 yr old rig that I paid just over 63,000 for. That was a shocker to me! Now it could be from new boats costing so much used rigs are holding value more. Either or I'm the winner!

So my suggestion to anyone buying a new rig, get replacement value on it !!!

Now just hope Bob sees this and goes diving for the paper work and find a error.

They are the best boat insurance company I have ever delt with.

Just a warning for those of the younger crowd, (or anyone for that matter) driving records affect your boat insurance !!!

Good Luck and be safe on the water.
Thank you for your service Marine!