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    perfects rod

    with no ice and being board my brain got to thinking what would make the prefect rod for pan fish in a shanty. such as handle type, guides, hook keeper, length, action and so forth

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    Alot depends on what type of shanty you have. I have a frabill flip over and up 2 man and it is tight fishing. My hub house I could use a 6 ft rod if I wanted. I mostly fish for panfish and my 2 most favorite rods are from tuned up custom rods. Both are 28", split shaft. Dont really think split shaft makes a difference. The Precision I use for jigging spoons/ raps etc, it is super sensitive with a good backbone. The other is a bull whip, more of a noodle style rod but style extremely sensitive. That is my crappie smasher as it has enough give to not tear a crappies mouth apart. But still has backbone enough to land even 3lb bass. Next rod I get will be a precision noodle for those real tiny tungsten jigs for gills.

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    I never could find a rod with the right action. So I ordered the lightest action micro light from bass pro and took a hack saw to it, and put a TN cork handle on it. Perfect, at least for what I wanted it for. . Then I ordered some more a bit heavier action for jigging rapalas.
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    Really depends on the type of jig youíre using.. itís just like bass fishing, base it on the type of baits youíre using, species and application.

    my favorite production rod is a Frabill bro series 36Ē quick tip. Thatís great for heavier Haliís and pimples.

    for Tungsten jigs I prefer a basskhang panfish noodle. That one is 36Ē too. Itís good for sitting in a shanty and standing but up closer Iíd prefer a 24Ē. The panfish noodle is a bit too light for heavier jigs.

    I like traditional ring stripper guides going to fly or recoil guides towards the top half.
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    For fishing outside I like a little bit longer rod, but for in a fish house I generally want something in the 24-28" range. I think the perfect inside panfish rod would be a 28" Thorne Bros Powernoodle with the Recoil titanium guides and a 4" cork handle. It can easily double as a rod for use outside, but works great inside a shack as well. I have 6 Powernoodles ranging from 22-32" in length with both Fuji inside guides as well as the Recoil guides for fishing outside. Every one of them has a fly reel attached and line ranging from 2-4 lb test.