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    Please help - Power trim issue

    I just received a call from a friend having trouble with his trim while at the lake, Iíll explain the situation and see if anybody here can offer any help I can relay to him.

    2018 Triton 189
    mercury 4 stroke 150 HP

    At about the halfway trimmed up spot the motor stopped moving. Everything sounds normal as far as when he tries to trim up or down, it does not sound anything other than normal as far as the noise it makes but it does not move. He was able to trailer the boat and bring it out of the water. He said that he can manually lift the motor up and the piston is free but when lowers it back down it is like it hits a brick wall at the same spot every time. He also said that when he cuts the main power off to the entire boat, the motor is no longer free itís like it locks the piston in place and he can no longer manually raise the motor. Not sure that has anything to do with the problem I just thought I would mention it since he told me that. Good news is heís able to trailer the boat and continue fishing with his trolling motor, but I told him I would post here to see if anybody could offer any advice as to what might be wrong. Thank you in advance. Merry Christmas.

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    This situation is going to need to be inspected in-person by a qualified technician, as it is likely a more in-depth problem that switches or relays.

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