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    How should I go about lowering it? Bloodwork says itís elevated& if I didnít get it down Iíd be on meds. Any tips because I sure donít want to be diabetic? Thanks guys.

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    I have some buddies that were overweight and became pre-diabetic/diabetic. The ketogenic diet, along with intermittent fasting, helped them tremendously. A few of them were able to avoid meds completely. My wife is a physician and has also seen this with several of her patients. Keto/intermittent fasting helped me lose 60lbs and I've managed to keep it off for 3yrs. My a1c numbers were always good and I never got into the prediabetic range (even at 350lbs.)
    I hope this helps!
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    my A1C was just under Pre Diabetic when i was tested. i tried everything i could such as cutting out carbs, sugars etc.
    I went at it pretty hard as i am the same as you and not wanting to take meds for the rest of my life.
    in 5 weeks i lost 25lbs. went back for my 2nd A1C test after 3 months and it had dropped .2 points. i was pretty dissapointed and got pretty aggriviated and just said hell with it.
    gained almost all of it back in about 2 months.
    so im back at it again, but for a tad different reason and wanting to loose weight and get in shape for hunting season. i joined the gym and have been trying to eat better but man it is tough.
    i like food and a lot of the stuff that is bad for you i have a really hard time giving up.
    i have been at it for about 2 weeks but havent been a strict as i was to start. i need to get better that is for sure.
    one of my big problems has always been drinks. i drink way to much soda but have been drinking way more water but man it gets old after a while with just water, have tried some of the drink mixes and they arent too bad so thats helping some.
    its a whole life change that is for sure. and something i need to get better at as well.

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    I take 3 metformans a day plus shots. very high A1C. I cut out all bread, pasta, and sugar and now my sugar level is dropping. It was running around 300 and now the 140's. I had to change my eating habits. It was tuff for a while
    but I seem to be getting use to it. What a person eats will sure make a difference. My A1C should be getting into the 7's now. It was in the 10's.
    Diabetes is very dangerous because it attacks the internal organs and we don't realize it.
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    My wife ( a nurse) check my blood sugar and it was over 350. I went to the doctor and found out I was diabetic.