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    Question Dual SI transducers for one unit

    I'm asking for a co-worker (administration) and yes I tried to explain to them WHY? But the question is can you run dual Mega SI transducers to one 12" Helix and have the left SI view be from the transducer mounted on the rear left of the boat. And have the right SI view be from the transducer mounted on the rear right of the boat. Yes I have explained to them to get 2 Units and run full screen Left SI on one unit and full screen Right SI on the other unit and have them come from separate transducers. I also explained to them to better mount the transducer so they don't have to run 2 transducers but you know how administration can be. So before they listen to me they need to listen to others, so is it possible to do this as I don't believe it is on one unit.
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    9 M SILR Y - HELIX Side Imaging Left / Right Splitter Cable

    Y Cable - Separates Side Imaging into Left and Right Side Beams - for Side Imaging products only. Allows the use of two side imaging transducers with one unit without the need for a transducer switch.

    Yes it's possible, and desirable in some circumstances, such as not wanting the motor to block part of one of the SI beams.
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    That's the my rig is set up because trim tabs were blocking port si
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