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    missouri bass club link

    if you are lookin for a bass club in your area here is a link to where they are located and who to contact.
    i thought some people might get some use of this

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    Re: missouri bass club link (Luke)

    Here is another option Luke, http://

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    Re: missouri bass club link (Luke)

    Bush Beaters Bass Club

    Est.1994, Bush Beaters fish 7 tournaments a year with a 80% payout for top 3 places and Big Bass.

    Payout for Angler of the Year based on number of members.

    We fish Stockton, Pomme, Lake Ozark.

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    Re: missouri bass club link (Luke)

    A Fish for fun bass club with the interest in helping others in improving there skills. We do award places for 1st, 2nd, 3rd , Big Bass and sportsman of the year. Which are awarded at our annual banquet that is club sponsored. We are currently looking for boater and non boaters alike. For more in formation please use the phone number or the e-mail address. Please note: if you are looking for a club cash payouts this will not be the club for you,

    Rick Wilson

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