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    Question Rule Float Switch Set Up - Rocker Switch -200 Eilte

    I moved to the "rocker switch conversion kit" in 2011, and love it.

    I have 2 bilge pumps & a rule-a-matic plus float switch.

    1) if I blow a fuse, a breakers will pop up. There are no fuses. I need to reset it as I would a breaker at my breaker box at home, is this true? (See pic)

    2) my float switch doesn't work. My two bilge pumps run when I turn the rocker switch on. I replaced the float switch, it still isn't working.....

    --a) on my bilge rocker switch, if the float switch did work, I believe it would turn on bilge # 2. I also see on my "wiring diagram" bilge float connecting to bilge # 2. Is this the right analysis?

    --b) I tested the wires which connect to the float switch, and I don't see any voltage. Should there always be voltage in those 2 wires. I didn't Trace those 2 wires, because they end up in a big ball of wires in my hull. How can I test those 2 wires to see if this is problem?

    --c) am I correct in saying that if the float switch turned on then my bilge rocker switch would light up without having to click it on. This is why it has "auto" and "dual" on it, and is on "dual" unless I turn them on I am 99.99% that it working this way. Is this true?

    --See pics for rocker switches and pumps.

    Would enjoy your support:-)

    Tom C
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