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    Dobyns Sierra 700SF

    Anyone have any experience with using this rod or the 701 for panfish? Looking to do some panfishing in the next 6 weeks before our bass season opens. Ill be fishing from the bank so looking for something with a little length that can toss lighter baits a good distance. Figured Id try and take advantage of the Sportsman Outfitters sale if possible.

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    Cant speak for the Sierra 700, But I have the 701 in the Champion and Extreme rods. With the 701 you can throw 1/16oz heads using 4# mono on a 1000 reel. Its is better with a 1/8oz to 3/8oz.. If your going to be using lighter than 1/16oz Id say the 700 rod is what you want. (Ive not had that rod in my hand) it will probably throw the 1/32oz better.
    The 701 you wont find a better drop shot rod for crappie. I have drop shotted both the champ and extreme rods at the same time. Using the same Line, bait, weight, and cant tell any difference between them, other than the paint and reel seat. Id say go with the champion series. If you will be using 1/32 to 1/16oz weights all the time you want a G-Loomis 782 rod. As I said earlier, Ive not had the 700 in my hands.