To my surprise, my Mega 360 is out for delivery today. Really caught me off guard coming in so quick, so now I'm looking for some solutions on how to rig a dual stack mount for a 998 and Helix 12. I've got an '05 200, so I know any kind of panel mount is out of the question. Right now I have my 998 on an angled Dek-It over/across the front of the TM tray. What is everybody else using on our boats? Would love to see some pics for ideas.

Dek-It has a dual stacker which would probably work well since it would put one of the units forward and towards the right, and getting it out of the way of the TM. BBT and Precision also have their versions of a stack mount which sit on top of the support going over the TM tray. I'm also toying with the idea of just getting a piece of aluminum angle, and seeing if I can make that into a Poor Man's Stack Mount Just don't know if my angled Dek-It mount will allow enough clearance over the TM pedal.