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    intermittent alarm

    Engine Serial Number 2B126078
    2. Year/Make/Model 2016 Mercury ProXS
    3. Prop you are Running Fury 25p
    4. Current Maximum RPM 5850
    5. Idle and WOT Water Pressure Readings ..0-25

    I'm getting an alarm code... One beep... Sometimes for 10 seconds, others for 0.5 seconds and will come back on and go right back off...
    Motor is performing fine... alarm is completely random at different speeds etc... Nothing I do makes it come on or go off when it is happening....

    I have the smart craft bluetooth and it is not showing any faults or codes....

    I'm no mechanic but it seems as though i have a sensor or something going bad or is bad... Anyone have suggestions or thoughts on what to do?

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    Have the faults read at a Dealer.....its the only accurate way to determine the problem.

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    Mercury vessel view connected up at the time of the alarm will tell you what it observes

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    Quote Originally Posted by aallen03 View Post
    Mercury vessel view connected up at the time of the alarm will tell you what it observes
    In most cases: Yes.

    Still need to get the engine on the Computer Diagnostic System, and have the Run History and Freeze Frame (Fault) History PRINTED. I'm happy to review this if needed.

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