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    Wiring on 2002 210 super pro

    Hi everyone,

    been having issues with a lot of my wiring. Can someone give me a basic idea on how boat is wired? How wires are ran from battery, breakers and auxiliary items (pumps, lights, etc.)? I have replaced a few things before but now Iím going to have to run new wiring because of shorting issues and canít really trace them out with the rats nest of wiring zip tied under the console. If someone has a wiring color code chart that would be super helpful. I didnít see one on the forum. Thanks


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    Welcome to the forum!

    There is an ABYC color code that is a standard in the marine industry, and at least for the most part it is followed. Here is an example

    My advice as an electrical engineer and boat owner is to not get in too big of a hurry to replace wires. They just don’t fail very often. Loose or corroded spade terminals, and bad connectors, switches, fuse holders and sockets are far more common.

    If you don’t already have one, get a decent multimeter. It is invaluable in troubleshooting wiring. A $20-$25 meter will serve you well, but even the freebie from Harbor Freight will do the job.

    Plenty of people here or in the Electrical, Wiring and Trolling Motor Forum will be glad to talk you through the process of figuring things out.

    By the way, a short is a connection between power and ground, and results in sparks, smoke, fire or blown fuses and circuit breakers. While you may have a short, loose connections are far more common and if you use the right term you’ll get better help faster.

    Best of luck tracking down your issues!
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