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    Another Smart Phone Thread

    Speaking of smart phones, mine is older, like five years(Motorola Turbo)and I use Verizon. My wife uses Cricket and her signal, etc has been satisfactory and her cost is half the amount. So I went to the Cricket store and told the guy I wanted to switch. We started talking phone and he looked my phone up. It ended up I'd have to buy a $600 phone to get one as good as this Turbo and he talked me out of getting a new phone. He kept telling me how good my phone was compared to everything else. I decided to wait on the switch and do some research. We went to the Verizon store to see if they will replace batteries since mine is in need of a new one. I guy said they don't but since I have the insurance I could give him mine and he would get me a new phone. He looked mine the what I would get up on the internet. What I have is much better than what I would get so I passed on the offer.
    Then we go to the mall where the is a kiosk in the phone repair/accessories business. He can replace my battery for $100 and I say, okay, I may be back.
    I do some research and find Utube video's guys showing you how to replace the battery and I'm seeing lots of issues with me trying it. I also research using my phone on the Cricket service and it will work but I'll probably have issues with text and maybe other stuff. I decided to get the battery replaced and the guy did struggle with it a bit. The new battery was completely dead so he took it out and put my old one back in, it worked. He took it out and put the new one back in and put it on charge. I went and got some dinner from the Chinese place. When I got back it had charged to 19%. He told me that it was a very good phone and most people don't understand that. He said he repairs phone all the time and can tell the difference in the quality. That's three guys in the phone business that say the old phone that I have is really good and better than most of the phones they make now. He said if it didn't perform well he would replace it. It's only been a couple of days and have not used it for work yet. We will see!
    I looked up carriers that use Verizon towers and it turns out to be Total Wireless which is a Trac phone Carrier. They now do normal monthly plans and you can bring your phone. It's 35 bucks a month for what I would need. Any of you guys use Total Wireless?
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    I have been shopping around, looking at Patriot mobile and some others. Patriot supports a lot of good things, so I'm leaning towards them over the others.

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    Strait talk $35.00 a month and sales tax , that’s all. Unlimited both wife and I never run out of high speed data.
    on and iPhone 6s Plus, using AT&T towers