Things seem to go south quickly:

Boss: Can I get a part time guy to fill in and work tomorrow.
Worker 1: Sorry, Doctors appointment
Worker 2: Doesn't answer text
Worker 3: I can
Boss: Thanks
Worker 3: Thanks for taking care of that medical bill the company was suppose to pay.
Boss: Your welcome.
Worker 3: Yep, got the wife off of my back
Boss: I can relate to that
Worker 1: Anyone want mine, Free...........
Worker 3: Amen brother, but I got my hands full already
Boss: Like trying to give away an Edsel (old boss, you young guys have to look this up)
Worker 1: laughing emoji
Worker 3: Hey man, those are classics
Boss: So are the wives, but their cranky and hard to start.
Worker 1: When they do start they won't stop
Worker 2: finally pops in and says, you must be talking about their yelling because there is not anything else she is doing !