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    Tournaments meeting to be held

    The club I partake in is called "Edak bass club"(Facebook) it was started as eastern Dakota bass club. But in more recent years we have kept the name but transitioned to a format that doesn't work well in North Dakota. So last year and this year the plan is a northeast South Dakota lake to start the tournament season in May. Then 5 more tournaments in west central MN for the regular season. Historically we use points based on 5 of the 6 regular season tournaments to figure out team of the year and starting positions for the 2day classic tournament.

    we use 5 of the six so that a team can miss one for prior obligations and not be at to much disadvantage.

    anyways the preliminary meeting is to take place @ March 7th at Noon in Mapleton ND at Haggies Bar and Grill. Lakes and dates will be decided and any topics you want to discuss.

    more rules and information on prior seasons can be found on Facebook "edak bass club" or post up here and I will do my best to help answer your questions
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    What is it about your format that doesn't work well in ND?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Macsimus View Post
    What is it about your format that doesn't work well in ND?
    Can not cull fish in ND.
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    2020 Edak Schedule
    - This years schedule includes 5 regular tournaments, the TOC and 2 Opens (Spring Classic and Fall Classic). The Spring and Fall Classic do not count for regular season tournament points (Opens).

    Spring Classic - May 2nd - Roy Lake, SD - $100 Team Entry

    #1- May 30th - Upper Cormorant, MN
    #2- June 20th - Lida, MN
    #3- July 18th - Pelican, MN
    #4- August 22nd - Big Detroit, MN
    #5- September 5th - Lizzie/Crystal/Rush, MN (Alternate is Big Cormorant if new access is not completed)
    TOC- September 26th/27th - Big Detroit, MN

    Fall Classic - October 10th - Rush, MN - $100 Team Entry

    2020 EDAK Rules and Regulations
    (All current Game and Fish Regulations must be followed)
    1. Participation and Eligibility
    1.1 Tournaments are open to any angler with a valid fishing license. This is a family friendly club and all are welcome.
    2. Practice and Competition
    2.1 Decisions regarding official time, weigh-in procedures and penalties will be determined by the Tournament Director, or in their absence, a pre-designated Director.
    2.2 Club Tournament lakes are “off limits” to anglers Sunday at midnight the week prior to the tournament. Indirect violations of this rule will be viewed as grounds for disqualification. Exception: If the Monday before a tournament is a holiday, all anglers are allowed to practice that day.
    3. Registration
    3.1 Each angler must register and pay entry fee with Tournament Director at the designated public access at least a half hour before take-off. There will be a “poker chip” drawing at 6:45am prior to the tournament for takeoff position. That poker chip will have to be returned by 3:00pm to verify a non-late arrival to weigh-in.
    3.2 One Angler from each boat MUST draw their own chip!!!
    3.3 Tournaments will begin at 7:00am with weigh-ins at 3:00pm. Anglers who arrive after the tournament has begun must find the Tournament Director, pay the fees and register before starting.
    3.4 Entry fee is $80 per team, $10 goes to Big Bass of the Day, $15 goes towards Edak Classic total payout, $55 for the Daily Tournament.
    3.4.1 Membership: $15.00 membership fee per person, $30.00 per boat maximum. This allows substitutes without additional fees.
    3.4.2 Optional: $10 Per Angler for Big Bass of the year. This award will be eligible throughout the year including the Edak TOC.
    4. Point system and Edak Classic eligibility.
    4.1 Team of the year will be based off a point system. 50pts for 1st, 49pts for 2nd, 48pts for 3rd and so on. Big bass of the year will be determining tiebreaker for end of the year positioning. The end of the year standings will also decide takeoff positions for the Edak Classic. (Day 2 of the Classic, Anglers will take off in standing order from Day 1)
    4.1.1 Anglers who participate in a tournament and don’t weigh in something receive last place points. If multiple teams don’t weigh in, all teams that don’t weigh in will all receive last place points. Example: 10 teams compete, 3 teams don’t weigh in, they all receive 41pts (last place of all participating teams)
    4.2 Qualifications for Edak TOC: Only Top 8 Teams throughout the season are eligible. (Best 4 tournaments out of 5). If any of the Top 8 cannot make the TOC, the next team in standings will become eligible and invited.
    4.2.1 Edak TOC entry fees; $150 per team. $10 of it will go towards big bass of the weekend. Payout will be paid down 3 spots.
    4.2.2 All Edak regular season tournaments are 85% payback. The other 15% will go towards Edak TOC, which will be 100% payback. Payment for places will be determined the day of the tournament according to the number of teams fishing, and our club approved payout schedule.
    5. Safety
    5.1 All US Coast Guard and state safe boating regulations must be observed. A properly fastened personal flotation device must be worn while the big motor is under operation. Along with a properly working kill switch attached to the boat driver.
    5.2 The Tournament Director has the right to delay, shorten or cancel the start of an official tournament day because of bad weather or other factors that would endanger the safety of the anglers.
    6. Boat and Operations
    6.1 Tournament boats must contain aerated live-wells, which need not be “built-in”, but in proper working order. Aftermarket aeration systems must be in place and inspected before take-off.
    6.2 Trailering of boats during the tournament is prohibited.
    7. Tournament waters, Sportsmanship, and Courtesies
    7.1 Only water open to all public fishing will be considered tournament waters. The tournament Director will inform anglers if any water is posted off-limits by local, state, or federal authorities.
    7.2 All angling must be done from the boat.
    7.3 Fishing is permitted anywhere on the designated tournament waters except within 50 feet of another tournament angler. Two or more boats fishing the same area will use common sense with this rule.
    7.4 Maximum courtesy must be practiced at all times, especially with regard to boating and angling in the vicinity of non-contestants and homeowners. Be Kind. Each team will be held responsible for their own actions.
    7.5 EDAK Bass Club will NOT be held liable for the actions of any individual.
    8. Tackle and Equipment
    8.1 Landing nets are allowed during all club tournaments
    8.2 Only artificial and biodegradable artificial lures (including pork rind) may be used. NO LIVE BAIT. Trolling motors may be used to position the boat for casting, but trolling as a method of fishing is prohibited.
    8.3 All current Game and Fish Regulations must be followed.
    9. Qualified Bass
    9.1 The limit will be 5 largemouth and or smallmouth bass per team.
    9.2 Only bass with a length of 12 inches or over (measured from closed mouth to the tip of the tail, pinched or fanned) will be weighed toward total weight.
    9.3 A penalty of 1/2lb will subtracted from the total weight for each dead fish. (Any dead fish must be weighed in) This does apply to Big Bass of the Day cash award. We strive for 0% mortality rate and will do everything we can to keep these fish alive and released healthy.
    10. Weigh-in
    10.1 All boats must be checked in with the “Poker chip” at the weigh-in site once the tournament hours have been completed. 1st person to witness a late boat to weigh-in must immediately be verified by another angler or tournament Director. Time will be verified by Cell Phone.
    10.2 Late Penalty: Late is Late! Anglers MUST be off plane and in the immediate area by 3PM, not 3:00.01. One second late is still late. No Penalty, instant Disqualification.
    10.2.1 This will be closely watched by designated personnel.
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