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    where to buy suzuki df70 remanufactured powerhead

    where can i buy a remanufactured powerhead for my suzuki df70

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    I really doubt that you will be able to find a reman cylinder head, off the shelf. Your best bet might be to find a used engine that is being parted out and hope that its cyl head is Ok

    Is yours so damaged as to be unrepairable?

    If so unless you are very lucky I think you would need to buy a new one. $$$$ And that will raise the question of whether its worth the expense or would you be better off putting the $ towards a new engine.

    Of course it could be worth repairing if its an insurance claim - if the intakes got blocked and this caused a head to warp or drop valves then it might be worth checking your policy to see if it covers that kind of accidental damage.