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    Transducer doesnt fit

    So.....I bought a Garmin 9SV to mount to the bow of my Nitro on Black Friday. Its an older Nitro and currently has a small TM on it. Doing a little research on fit and function of the installation to my trollling motor. Problem is, the transducer is approx 6" long. I am currently using a Minn Kota Edge 45 and there is only 5-1/2" from the prop to the rear of the skeg. What are my options? Grind away 1/2" off the skeg? Or upgrade the TM to a bigger unit. I have access to a buddy's Edge 55, but I am not sure it has more room the the Edge 45?

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    When I was using a Minn Kota Edge, right off the bat I cut away most of the skeg. I left enough to drill holes to attach custom made HDPE for use for mounting transducers. Worked fine.
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