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    Freshwater Line

    Iím new to MD. Anyone know where the freshwater line is for the upper Chesapeake Bay Area? I canít seem to find anything online. Iím assuming thereís a lot of brackish areas but donít know where the freshwater starts.

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    I believe the DNR using the Interstate 95 bridge or the mouth of Deer creek for the line, however the brackish water reaches a bit further up depending on rainfall. Each tributary has it's own line, I'd bet the DNR has it listed somewhere. Tidal vs non tidal is what you are looking for.
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    The upper boundary is the conowingo dam. Everything south of there is considered tidal for licensing purposes. The freshwater boundaries are at the mouths of various creeks off of the bay rivers. As far as fishing goes, mostly everything north of middle river fishes like freshwater. Bass, pickeral, crappie etc. (and snakehead)
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