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    Oil tank check valve.

    My dads 1994 200EFI 2 stroke gets fuel in the oil injection tank every year when he goes back to Florida. He replaces the check valve below the on engine oil tank and drains out the diluted oil and it’s fine the rest of the winter.
    Is this just an improper storage issue causing the valve to stick? What else could make it fail every year? Didn’t do this for 15 years of storing it every summer, but has been an every year thing the last 3 years.

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    V6 2.5L models are covered in the next forum down.

    Is he using a good quality Fuel Stabilizer in his fuel? Running Quickare and Quickleen?

    Not uncommon to have to replace these from time to time, but they should not be failing every year unless being subjected to high ethanol content fuel, or fuel is left sitting without stabilizer.

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