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    Sending boat back to Ranger for refurbishing during the winter

    I know this has been discussed many times over so sorry for asking again. Can someone who has already sent their boat back to Ranger for refurbishing provide some help on how the process is accomplished.

    My 2001 520 vx needs a new trailer, new gel coat and poly, new seats, carpet, live-well pumps and all new wires redone. I know I am looking at a lot of money here but how do I go about getting an estimate for this work. Do I call Ranger and speak with someone or do I drop it off at a dealer and have them work up something before shipping it down the road.

    Thank for your input.

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    There was a thread here last month that said to call the service department at Ranger. Here’s another fairly recent thread that I found through the forum search. It has additional details about cost, timing, etc.:

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    If you have it done, post some before and after pics so we can see the difference.

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    might see what trade in value is before getting that done? maybe a cheaper route to upgrade?
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    I’m going to be honest here, if the refurb work they did on my boat at the factory this spring is any indicator of what will be done to your boat, I’d get a new boat.... the fiberglass repairs done to my boat are so bad I’m having to carry to a local shop to get fixed.