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    echomap ultra ice kit?

    Its getting colder here. Ice season is on the way. I want to use my 106sv with the lvs12 this year on the ice, but don't see any ice kit offerings from garmin for the bigger units. Anyone know of one? Or am I gonna have to redneck something together?

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    Garmin sells bags and ice kits for 9" Echomap units. I haven't seen anything for a 10". Seems like those bags are intended for the LVS32 and have room for the graph, black box, and battery. Given that you don't need to the black box maybe one of those could work? Personally, I plan to repurpose a Vexilar bag and "redneck" a custom shuttle for my 9" + LVS32. Also planning to rig up a simple PVC pole system. I don't see a need for the ice-ducer with Livescope, but I'd love to hear others opinion on that. Battery life is also a concern for me.

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    My "redneck engineered " is not pretty but man is it functional and low cost. I never did like fishing on my knees like we see the " experts doing. My rig works great for me .This is with the 94 echomap chirp with PS 22.

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