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    New Prop, Way Less Speed 2017 Yamaha Sho 200

    So I threw a blade on the stock prop which was a 23P Yamaha T2 15 1/18". I replaced the prop with a 23P power Tech which is slightly smaller 14 1/8". I was told performance would be the same, however, I have lost ALOT of speed with this new prop. The hole shot is even faster than before, and i accelerate like a bat out of hades, but I can only hit 62-63 at 5500 RPMS with just myself and full tournament load, whereas before, I was hitting 67-70 at 6100 RPMS by myself.

    All that said, is there anything I can do to help performance to get back to where I was? I've done some research on raising the jack plate since my hole shot is already great beyond belief. Thank you for any help in advance.

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    I’d see if they would exchange it for the correct prop which would be the powertech VMX3 which is the same diameter of your old prop and go from there it’s a copy of the Yamaha prop some say it runs great some say it’s slower but it’s going to be pretty close to what you had and can be worked if need be
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