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    2000 21 foot SS extreme livewells

    I've had a problem with my live well aerators this summer. It seems like the aerator is not pumping hard enough. I did already replace both pumps.

    When I compare it to the fill pumps, the fill pump blast water out but the live well pumps barely make bubbles or aeration. There is water flow, but it seems minimal.

    I'm open to any suggestions?

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    Just a pure guess...the aerator pump draws water from the livewell and recirculates it. This is how it generates oxygen. Fish puke up crawdads and shad. In the process of recirculating water your line got clogged. Also if you fill your livewell in a area where a lot of silt, sand or small pebbles are present it could suck debris into the livewell. Then in the process of recirculation it got clogged in the recirculation line. Again just a pure guess but I say blockage of some sort.

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    clean screens and back flush. maybe valve isn't opening or closing full travel ?
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    Most likely plugged a bit. Same advice back flush and remove any debris from pump. a good way to check this is to fill live well half way, put on recirculate and then plug the outlet with you finger for a few seconds, if the flow stops or slows down after this then picks back up, then you got craps in the lines and pump. you shouldn't have to remove any lines, old pumps will split. just remove the pump cartridge and lift it up and flush the line out. My 21 SS does this at least twice a year.