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    Capacity plate

    Hello all,
    I recently got a 1994 Astro 18dcx with a 1994 Mercury 150 xri in the back. The capacity plate is almost completely faded and illegible. If anybody has the same boat would you mind sharing a picture of your plate or does anybody know where I could get a replacement ? Thank you in advance !

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    Not sure if this helps much but here is a youtube video of a 1991 and around the 1:10 mark you can see the capacity plate. It says 6 persons and you might be able to zoom in and see the rest. And I'm pretty certain you can order replacement plates on Amazon for around $20 if you know the specs.

    1994 Astro Boats 18DCX
    "ThisAstro outboard bass boat has a fiberglass hull, is 18.5 feet long and 88 incheswide at the widest point. The boat weighs approximately 1725 pounds with anempty fuel tank and without any gear or passengers. The maximum horsepower wehave listed for this outboard boat is 175 hp."