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    294xl with a 150 - just how bad?

    I'm pretty stuck on finding a 294 - everything I need is there... size, layout, etc... I've been looking at all years, from mid 2000's to the out of budget mid 2010's, but haven't stumbled to the right one.

    I came across a late 2000's 294 in excellent condition, but has a 150 Vmax on it. I'm not that concerned about top end speed, mostly hole shot. Anyone have a 150 on their 294 that can give some real world advice?
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    It will be OK for a while but...and this is a big will grow to dislike that 150. The boat will be slower than most others and IMHO, you will not be happy in the long run. I had a boat rated for a V-6 150HP and bought it with a V4 140HP. It wound up costing me to upgrade that boat to the proper engine that made it perform properly.