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    Need help with Livesope image problem

    hey guys need your help.
    this started happening randomly about 2 weeks ago. everything has been working fine since march.

    ok so if depth is set to AUTO the unit loses depth when i turn the trolling motor to the right. The screen starts to minimize and shrink and then it opens up full screen then proceeds to minimize and shrink again.
    to combat this i set the depth manually but it has a superficial line 15feet away that never goes away. Line gets further away the deeper i am. as seen in picture
    in manual mode there are also flashes on the screen and objects appear and disappear withing milliseconds i have learned to ignore them.

    any ideas??

    i do have to say that i been running garmins and panoptix from day 1 Livescope from its release day never any issues. this is my second Livescope now purchased in march.
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    Mine does some of the same stuff. When I move from deep water 20+ to shallow +- 10-12
    screen starts minimizing.
    Acts like it loses the bottom signal. I have to manually set the depth range to get it to stabilize.

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