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    Here is my story....I have owned a pontoon and been an avid boater for over 20 years, but this is my first time owning a bassboat. I had recently purchased a 1989 Bass Tracker Tournament 1800 TF to put my 75hp Force Motor on. I had the motor sitting around after removing it from my pontoon and replacing with a larger motor. So I rebuild the fuel pump, carb and replace impeller., new plugs. Had a local marine shop put motor and new control box on. Ran on the muffs great and would start with a flick of the key. Took to the lake, put in and ran great. Ran all over a small local lake. From everything I had read, was getting the max speed (35mph)from the motor and boat combo, so I was really pleased. Ran around the lake for 15-20 minutes at top speed. Slowed down a couple times when passing some tied up boaters..Anyway, when I started to take off again the boat wouldnt come off plain. It was like it had fouled a plug or was running weak and wouldnt plain out??I think it was full of water is why, but I will get to that shortly.. I shut it off, then it didnt want to start. My first guess was that it had sucked trash in the carb or fuel pump. I should mention, I didnt replace the fuel filter like I should have, just overlooked that. So then, the motor turns over but wont start? I go to the back to pump up the bulb and the back part had taken on a huge amount of water..I finally get it started by raising the low idle and starting it that way,then throwing it into forward to get us back to the dock. Then it dies going into the dock and wont start. I think I have two problems here. Probably trash in a carb or fuel pump from a motor that has been sitting for seven yrs, and a boat that has been sitting for 4-5 yrs. That part I can fix, but being a complete novice to bass boats, I need help on what I need to do?? For those not familiar with this particular boat, I have a regular rubber boat plug, a threaded hole where I put a brass plug in, and two plastic thru-hull openings where Im assuming the livewells fill/drain? The panel has the push to drain/pull to fill or vise versa knobs on the console. When we finally hand loaded it on the trailer and pulled it out of the water, both of the white openings had a steady stream pouring out of those (this is with both knobs being pushed in the whole time on the water). When I pulled both knobs out, the water stopped coming out of both white drains??? When I pulled the brass type plug out, water poured steadily from it for a long time. Im sure I will feel rather stupid when I see what I did wrong. Sorry for this to be so lengthy, but definitely a novice here and looking for help. Thanks in advance!!
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    One of your livewell hoses dont have a crack in it does it. I had that to happen
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    Livewell plumbing is rubber hoses, on plastic fittings, held on with hose clamps. Check the plumbing. Could probably fill up the livewell at home with a garden hose and check the compartment. It gets kind of crowded back there though.
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