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  1. If you search the forum for Magnum gear case or...

    If you search the forum for Magnum gear case or M2 or lightning gear case you will see a lot of discussions from as far back as 10 yrs ago when the problems were discovered. Guys that smoked their...
  2. I havent been able to find a reputable extended...

    I havent been able to find a reputable extended warranty company that would cover mechanical breakdown What company did you go through?
  3. M2 jackplate set much lower than my setup to get...

    M2 jackplate set much lower than my setup to get best holeshot and top end
  4. I have owned this same boat with the ETec since...

    I have owned this same boat with the ETec since new in spring of 2009. My fishing partner bought the exact same boat opposite colors and I can tell you it was a tale of two boats. He has gone...
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    I am still running my 09 evo etec with a prop...

    I am still running my 09 evo etec with a prop that blue steel recommended way back when I bought it new.....27 Hydromotive......I am sure that I am giving away 1-3 mph running a 4 blade.....routinely...
  6. Warranty/Coverage Beyond Factory Extended Warranty

    This topic may have been covered in previous posts but I havent visited this area of the boards.....question.......I have 2009 250 Etec, purchased extended 3 yr warranty on top of standard
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    My fishing partner and I both bought 09 evo's...

    My fishing partner and I both bought 09 evo's new....mine had no drain...his does....I think it must be a weak link in the assembly line or something.....I took me two years to even notice that I...
  8. questions on going from 4 blade to 3 blade

    Ive been running a hydromotive quad ob-IV 27 pitch since I got my rig new in 09.....Stratos 201 evo w Etec 250 HO....did the initial setup and have left it alone for 3 years and believe it is as...
  9. Re: 1999 Stratos 295 Pro Elite DC setup suggestions.. (Jason Hale)

    I ran this exact boat for about 2 years....mine had a ficht on it that blew (go figure) so I had it repowered with a rebuilt 91 merc 200 that had a low water pick up added to it....real...
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    Re: New 201 XL with 250 HO Prop (Jim Patry)

    thanks for posting guys.....there are those of us who have yet to either detonate our L2 or volunteer to swap out for the M2....I am very interested in following the results you guys have been...
  11. Thread: 250 HO etec

    by cowgillj1

    Re: 250 HO etec (Flyswatter)

    I am also curious about this new contacted by my dealer the other day telling me I need to swap out my 09 gearcase for this new biggest concern is that I will lose top end...
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    Re: 2010 EVO Carptet Question (jemyers10lber)

    my 09 evo did the same dealer took forever to get the replacement carpet in.....this was during the whole bankruptcy deal but I had to wait a year to finally get it replaced....again I...
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    Re: stratos owners opinions wanted please (wv21ss)

    I also purchased this exact boat a few years back....with the infamous 200hp ficht.......payed $12,000. Needless to say I didnt have the motor checked and that cost me big time. The motor blew my...
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    Re: reset activa gas gauge? (dk239)

    I am also having this issue....what is the fix? has been this way since delivery of the boat.....
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    Re: Stratos Apparel (Dan200xl)

    Go to Gemini sports wear website...think its a little spendy but much better selection and you can put just about any logo on there u want....that is where most pros are getting...
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    stratos clothing and accessories

    Anyone have an update on when the stratos site will again be offering clothing and accessories? Its been months and still nothing....there was a post a while back from a dealer that seemed to have...
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    Re: 2010 Stratos 201 XL Evo (craigs06)

    Take this advice....I talked with blue steel multiple times online and over the phone before I purchased my 09 evo w 250 Etec....I am running a 27" 4blade hydromotives Quad OB IV-X and routinely...
  18. My new of two in the whole Northwest!!

    Im a little late posting these...many thanks to Mike from Virginia and everyone else that put their two cents in on here....sorry...copied the color scheme except for navy bottom....
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    New Evo finally here
  20. Re: How long is it taking for a new stratos boat order? (buzzjet)

    yes....just placed my order for the new evo....was told usually it was around 6-8 weeks but I have the regional rep involved and he may be able to speed things up a bit to 6 weeks.
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    Need advice on setup for new Evo

    Ok guys...I am finally placing my order for the 201Evo in a couple days...but I am on the fence about a few setup details...hoping to get some input from you all about what is important and what is...
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    Re: Ordering my Evo in about two weeks!!! (RobShaw1)

    I am about 3 hours from Bremerton/Seattle area....I am in eastern washington on the columbia river. There is plenty of great fishing to be had on the west side of the of our Northwest...
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    Re: Ordering my Evo in about two weeks!!! (MD 294EVO)

    Thanks for the input....Todd...I have been eyeing that color package with the black and gray...looks sharp...I planned on that aniv package as well...I figure I might as well go for broke as far as...
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    Ordering my Evo in about two weeks!!!

    Cant wait....finally unloaded a motorhome that was holding me back...found a buyer so 201 here I come!! Any suggestions on color? I have talked with Mike Allen a couple of times on the phone and...
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    Looking for a tach for 99 295 PE

    Alright....I took everyone's advice and went through C & O to get parts for my stratos....I will spare everyone the details but they didnt come through for me....long story short, they sent me a tach...
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