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    1986 Bomber Bassmaster 15'

    Here are some pictures of my Bassmaster Bomber! It's my first bass boat and it's been pretty good to me for the last 4 years that I've had it. It has a 2007 Mercury 50hsp, 2 Lowrance HDS-5, Minnkota 65thrust Edge TM, 2 6 Gallon tanks and Vengance SS Prop. It tops out about 35mph and can fish all day on 6 gallons of gas! GREAT BOAT for the $$$.

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    I had a 1977 15' Bomber with a 135hp Evenrude but had 85hp decals on the cover guys in the club couldn't figure out how I was running so fast. Went to a tournament in 1979 and they were doing boat inspections as luck would have it they inspected mine before I had entered. Guy inspecting my boat said I was running over powered told him it was rated for an 85. He agreed but told me to look at the serial number it started with 135 when I said that he said yep that is what you have said if I entered I would get DQed. So I just started a long drive back home and sold the boat next week.

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