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    Strike king rage blade line tie

    The line tie on the rage blade are u supposed to tie directly to it or is it supposed to be used with a speed clip?Lost a good fish and the bait because the line went between the clip itself

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    HERCULINK line tie for RageBlade

    The line connector Strike King uses on the Tour Grade RageBlade is called a HERCULINK. As long as the line is passed through and tightened around both small loops, there should never be a problem with failure. Sometimes when tying directly with straight braid and a palomar knot, the braid will find its way through the opening of one of the line tie loops before you cinch it tight. This could cause the line working itself free through the opening of the one remaining small loop because the line would only be connected to one side of the connector. Otherwise, this connector is a HUGE improvement over the traditional duolock snaps used on other blade baits. Hope this helps.