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    Halo rods

    Does anyone have review on the flippin sticks

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    They are sold out of Fishing headquarters in Okeechobee and is also the guy who owns the brand. My sons buddy who won the college tourney on Chobee this spring and his friend were using them and turned my son on to them after letting him try it out one day. He said they are nice, pretty light well balanced rods for the pricepoint. I believe he fishes the 7'11" has a couple and loves them and wants more. He did break the first rod on the first hookset punching mats but they replaced it over the counter immediately. He has not had a problem since and that was about 6 months ago. He is not easy on them by any means, loves to flip the big girls in the boat even though I cringe every time. He also sets up so hard I swear he is going to rip their lips off .

    I do not own any and see nothing wrong with them but am sticking with my st. Croix, Dobyns, and Phenix assortment that have served me well. If it ain't broke don't try and fix it
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    Check out their customer reviews on tacklewarehouse.... And if you look closely at the vids of Tharp, it doesn't look like a Halo rod to me...
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