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    Astro 18 fdx questions

    I was wanting to get some info on the Astro 18 fdx.

    1. How is the ride compared to say a Ranger or Bass Cat?

    2. How stable are they in rougher water?

    3. Is there any wood that you would need to worry about rottening?

    4. What should a nice 1991 cost with a 150 Mercury xr4?

    Thanks Scott

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    Re: Astro 18 fdx questions (qwkdrwmgw)

    I own a 18 FDX the ride is great. They are stable in rough water. I had to replace my floor around the console due to rot and I paid 3,000 for mine I brought it from a buddy of mines.

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    Re: Astro 18 fdx questions (qwkdrwmgw)

    I owned a 1991 Astro 18FDX with a Merc XR4 from new and traded the boat only in Sept of '09 and was given 3000.00 for the boat. They sold it for 4500.00. It was in great condition, garage kept, everything worked, TM in very good condition, CMC hydraulic JP, a Lowrance LCX 17 and a Lowrance X 102c and a Lowrance LCM 400 digital gauge.

    Now ya have to figure in the cost of a motor if it is in as great a condition as the boat.
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    Re: Astro 18 fdx questions (qwkdrwmgw)

    I have an FDX too and I can't find much info on them. I have it about a year now and used it alot last summer. I love it! It handles great in rough water, runs about 57 mph GPS with the 150 merc on the back. I like the setup of it and it has tons of storage.

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    Re: Astro 18 fdx questions (qwkdrwmgw)

    1) Compared to Ranger & Bass cat: Rides like a Caddy w/ air ride suspension.

    2) Rough Water: Deep-V hull, Wide hull, & Heavy Hull = Excellent up to 3 footers but over that and the 18 foot length gets you wet...Stay square to the wave.

    3) Wood=Yes Worry= a little, keep an eye on the transom area seperating

    4) Nice '91 cost= $3300 - $5000 (get a leakdown on that xr4)

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