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    Question Difference between HDS units and HDI units

    I was just looking at an ad for the new 7 Elite DSI unit. It has chart, broadband sonar and downscan imaging. It does it all through one normal transducer. On the surface the only difference between this unit and an HDS unit is sidescan. And that is only available after you purchase the LSS-2 transducer. The DSI unit is listed @ $699.00 for the complete package. Sounds to me like a hell of a deal. I have just purchased two HDS 8's so I am not in a position to even think about a purchase. This leads me to my question. What is the big difference between HDS and HDI units. I would think the pixel count shoud be better but if you compare an HDS-7 to the new HDS-7 eltie I don't see a big difference. Now I don't know if the HDI unit has ethernet capability. The ad for the HDI-7 says it has NMEA 2000 capabilities. I was thinking that this would be a great unit for your bow with a transducer readily available to fit on your TM. You would lose side scan but get downscan and be able to use a split screen with your broadband sonar. You can also have your chart on the screen @ the same time. Seems like a great deal for $699.00. What are the negatives?

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    The biggest difference would be the the hds units have the Ethernet comparability. I would expect the elite 7 hdi to be a greAt seller especially at that price.
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    As you mentionne, no ethernet, no side-scan capabilities, not able to read Platinium charts
    No sonic hub

    A great unit for the bucks!!
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    Don't forget ( not that this applies here) but not capable of radar. Also networking sonar between units. Only networking NMEA2000 (GPS positioning,Waypoints). These are GREAT stand alone units for the price.
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