Can a guy get a bunch of patents on a jig?

I was told some years ago a La. guy got a bunch on a jig which included 2 colors, number of strands, hook angle and mod of the bottom.

This seems a "DESIGN PATENT" situation which I just searched....
it said they cannot be renewed but I hear he managed to renew it just before the 14 year deadline...and he has not made one in at least 6 years or allowed anyone to make one.

If you have expertise in this area or have a bro-wife-cuz that is a lawyer...
I would be VERY interested to get a few opinions...just does not seem legit...
but it may be.
14 years for design patents. “How long do patents last? …Design [patents] expire 14 years from the date of issue. Patents are not renewable. Under special circumstances, a patent term may be extended.” Does a patent last forever? (Georgia Tech Library and Information Center, “Patent Facts,” Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, Georgia, June 18, 2008)

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