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    Pressure Treated steps

    Looking to see when and whats the best , I just put new steps on front of house (pressure treated from Lowes) live in Northeast Pa , rain snow the works in this part of the woods so whats the best Paint to use on them, and do I have to let the wood get weathered before I do Paint them how Long , any imput would help Thanks

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    My experience says treated lumber will not hold paint or stain until it's been installed for a couple of years. Might be wrong in your case though.

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    After the steps dry out from the moisture they hold, clean/scrub them up to get the dirt off, let them dry, prime then paint with an exterior latex. What I found works really good is Behr porch paint with sand added. You are sort of limited on your colors but the paint is durable and the sand you'll mix in give traction on the steps.
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    Definitely need to wait a while, like at least 6 months to a year and the. I would use a colored stain instead of paint will look the same ........

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    wait a few months, unitill the salt solution has dried in the wood, clean then prime, may have to prime 2 coats to seal any pine knots, then paint. will be good for 3 years maybe, then repeat.

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    Put a drop of water on the wood. If it beads up you dont need to stain it yet. Wait until the wood soaks it up. That way it will soak up the stain. I work for home depot and we deal with yellawood treated lumber. It can be painted or stained sooner. But i recommend waiting til the wood will soak up a drop of water.
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