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    Calling Tube Bait Junkies - Need help

    Not sure where to post this:

    I have a tube bait in my tackle box that I bought last year in a bargain bin I think at Bass Pro in St. Louis last fall. I took them out of the bag and put in my Plano Organizer. The problem I have is that I need more because Bass LOVE EM but I do not remember the brand.

    They are slightly lighter in color than Green Pumpkin. Have Gold and Black Flakes. 4" long. No markings on the body, come 10 to a package and are VERY HEAVILY SALTED. More salt then any other softplastic I own. I think they also have a scent but they may have picked up the scent from the other tubes in the box. I am thinking that they match the description of the YUM Erie Green tubes, but I had my wife sniff these compared to a YUM Crawbug tube and she thinks they smell different which may rule out YUMs LPT scent - she has a very sensitive nose.

    I only have 4 left and I need more.

    Can some one tell me what brand I have???

    Thanks in advance,

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    Re: Calling Tube Bait Junkies - Need help (greglenz)

    A photo might help to identify them. My first guess would be a Hog Caller tube that BPS closed out last year.
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    Re: Calling Tube Bait Junkies - Need help (96basscat)

    they also had some undertaker tubes... fish on the river loved those things... sorry I didn't buy more.

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    Re: Calling Tube Bait Junkies - Need help (borderbasser)

    Rite Bite melon/orange?

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    Re: Calling Tube Bait Junkies - Need help (Bass Junkie)

    If it's real salty and lighter than green pumpkin. I am thinking Venom in avacado.... Just a shot in the dark, best way is to take a picture.

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