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    Tail flag when trailering

    When pulling my boat, I always get nervous when someone pulls up behind me at stop signs and traffic lights. They ALWAYS look too close. I added a flag to the engine as a focal point for that driver, rather than have them pick my truck, trailer or boat as a stopping point. A strap could cause rub marks on the engine paint and there weren't many spots to clip a flag to.
    The idea came to me to use the water flushing hose connection. Using a plastic male hose repair connector, I drilled a pair of holes and threaded a ty-wrap through the flag and connector. It screws snugly to the engine, but I laced a string to it until I'm sure the connector won't back out.

    Hopefully the pics will come through.

    Sleeps everyday until done.

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    Hey, that should work, all the way to seen of the crash. It is a good idea, I worry about that too.

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    I have suggested to Bass Cat that they develop a tight fitting cover that would fit over the Prop. It to be stretch corded and reflective. It could read "Bass Cat" or "Watch Out" or "Stay Back" or anything else.