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    Evinrude/Johnson Performance parts?

    I noticed that there are plenty companys that make performance parts for the Yamahas and Mercs, but I have yet to find a company that makes parts for the Evinrudes and Johnsons. I am looking to do some modifications to the exhaust on my 1992 Johnson 175 fast strike. Looking for performance and sound. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Also Would like to find me some voleocity stacks.

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    Re: Evinrude/Johnson Performance parts? (Jwengerd)

    I just sold a 93 like that and from what i found it was cheaper to buy a bigger motor than to mod one ,their just isn't much you can do to one that doesnt cost more than the motor,I did find where one was built by a guy named gordon montague and its posted on the bass & walley magazine site under high- flying eagle,he get 37 more hp and 37 ft lbs torc,his place is is how its listed but its been few years.
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