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    Help removing trim/tilt unit from 86 johnson

    First lets start with the model=J90TLCDC and serial #=J7138963 and was built in 1986 in Waukegan IL.Now my sad story,last time out I noticed the tilt cylinder leaking fluid from the top of the cylinder so the unit needs to come out but the problem is the tilt cylinder pin that has never been removed and has been in salt water forever (22 years) won't come out and even if I get it out my service manual shows over a 100 steps to rebuild this thing.Is it realistic for a DIYer to do this?About how many hours should a pro take if I bring him the unit?I can't pick the lotto numbers in FL so I need to keep this baby runing till I do.Thanks in advance
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    Re: Help removing trim/tilt unit from 86 johnson (snapperwhipper)

    Soak it with PB Blaster, then Soak it some more with PB blaster and if that don't work soak it some more. Pull the retaining clips and keep working at getting the pin free, You may go through 2 cans of PB blaster but the pin will come out. The Spanner for tilt cap may be a little tougher. Once you get the unit off the motor that will make things a lot easier. Worse comes to worse there should be plenty of replacement used tilt/trim units around. you just have to look.

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