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    Bilge pump and Float switch wiring help??

    I'm trying to wire in a float switch set up in my boat and can't figure out the wiring.

    What I have is a 2 switch(on/off) on my console, with 2 wires(Black and Brown) from that switch that lead to the back of the boat. Bilge pump has 2 wires mark + & -(brown and black). The float switch has 2 wires both brown. I know which wire from the switch is positive and negative!!

    Switch wires, what connects to the + wire? What connects to - wire?

    Float switch, 2 wires. What wires do I connect them too?

    Bilge pump, What do I connect these wires too? 1 brown +, 1 - Black?

    This was what I was thinking about doing.

    Join bilge pump + brown and 1 float sw wire to main toggle wire +.
    Join blige pump - black and 1 float sw wire to main toggle wire -.
    This just don't seem right?

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    Re: Bilge pump and Float switch wiring help?? (BuzzChamp)

    You will need a on/off/on switch. Run the ground from the pump to a battery ground. The brown from the pump goes to one side of the switch, one of the browns from float switch to other side of switch, the other brown goes to the brown from the pump. The black that is on the switch now, runs the light for the switch. If you don't buy a lighted switch, you will not use it. If you do buy a lighted switch, it will be used to run the light. The positive feed from the battery or breaker/fuse will go to the center post on the switch Hope this helps.
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