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    How to check on board chargers?

    I thought I had a bad Interstate battery. Took to Walmart where they ran their rather extensive test, charge, run loads, etc. They said battery is good. What has been happening lately is half day of fishing one battery reads 12.67(?) and other 10.29(?) or less. Have a Motorguide 74# 24volt tm. Using a ProSport 12 which I leave plugged in all the time. HELP!!

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    Re: How to check on board chargers? (Transplant)

    Switch the battery leads around on the two batterys and see if the 10.29 battery comes up to full charge 12.67. If it does then your one bank on the charger is bad. If it doesn't then you have a bad battery.

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    Re: How to check on board chargers? (Transplant)

    What does the weaker one read at the start of the day?

    You should see something between 13.2 and 14.8V on the battery when the charger is on. Might be lower if the battery is deeply discharged.

    But I'm with rangerguy. Swap the leads and if nothing changes I think your battery is bad.
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