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    A new way to stop crime. Get billy bass

    it sounds a little fishy, but apparently those singing Big Mouth Billy Bass novelty plaques can be used to deter crime.

    A motion sensor when the door is opened prompts the fish to start singing and dancing -- so when a burglar kicked it in and tried to rob the Hooked on Fishing bait shop in Minnesota, Billy broke into song.

    Authorities think that scared the would-be burglar off: score one for the fish!

    'When I tried to close the door and it wouldn't close at all, I just knew that Billy Bass had done his job,' store owner Tom Allen told KTTC.

    Who would've thought this novelty fish could be just as good as a modern security system?

    'Now he is my good luck charm. I am going to keep Billy until he can't sing no more.'

    Luckily, nothing was taken from the store. However, The Rochester Post-Bulletin reports the would-be burglar caused about $700 worth of damage to the door. Article - Big Mouth Billy Bass scares off would-be burglar

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    That's what I broke in there for. Didn't realize they were that annoying. I ran....