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    Need Gamefisher 9.9 parts

    Picked up, someone gave it to me, an old Gamefisher 9.9 outboard, and need some of the missing parts.

    Some research shows this Model 225-581990 to be Sears Gamefisher, perhaps made by Force, and sold in 1988. I've located illustrated parts breakdown and parts list through the Sears web-site, but many parts are no longer available.

    I need some Shift Lever parts, bur mainly a Prop and the Cone nut to hold the prop in place.

    Would like to find a junked one for parts, or a used outboard junkyard with parts.

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    Re: Need Gamefisher 9.9 parts (krash)

    Hey i have a late 80's model game fisher myself and have had to find parts also. I have found some parts at Dekalb marine in Atlanta. That is the only place so far i have found any. On the shift lever i made my own with a old bracket i had for a car and screwed a nut on the shaft then tack welded it in place - works wonderful. The original is plastic and pretty cheesy. Good luck

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