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In this forum, we are trying to focus primarily on the newer, emissions rated 4-Stroke Engines (it's also acceptable to post questions on Various Verado Engine models as well).


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Engine Serial Number
2. Year/Make/Model
3. Prop you are Running
4. Current Maximum RPM
5. Idle and WOT Water Pressure Readings
6. Smartcraft or Analog Instruments?

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  • Please check the "Commonly Asked- Commonly Used" post to make sure your answer isn't already posted there. Also refer to your engine owner's manual (or a Service Manual)- MANY common questions can be answered there quickly.
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  • PLEASE, ABSOLUTELY ONLY ONE ENGINE PER POST. Start a new thread for separate engines, or separate members to help avoid confusion!
  • Don't be shy: IMO, the only "stupid question is the one that is never asked". So... if you've got a question, just ask it. I've asked some of the "best techs on BBC" to "eye in" on this forum, and there is a wealth of information available!
  • Also, please remember that the "experts, tech's, do-it-yourselfers, and well-seasoned owners" that answer questions here do this as volunteers... so please try to be nice! Differences in opinion and occasional disagreements may arise, and that's fine. We just don't want to see anyone "bashing" a valued volunteer, which in the end, costs all our BBC members (when we lose the "bashee's" valuable input).
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